Therapeutic Contract

If you are thinking of beginning sessions with me or would like a refresher on the contract we agreed at the beginning of sessions, please continue reading.


To ensure continuity and provide you with a regular chance to speak about what is troubling you it is best to have sessions at least once weekly. It can be difficult enough for an individual to contain their emotional troubles in consecutive weeks let alone any longer. Having sessions at least once weekly ensures that any difficult topics that are raised are able to be discussed in further detail soon after the initial discussion. Saying this, it is also important to have a holiday and this is discussed below.

Individual sessions are 50 minutes long, take place at the same time and date that are initially agreed between you and I and can continue as long as they are needed. I encourage clients to allow as long as possible to discuss their content as it can take time to build up trust between client and therapist and for the clients to be at a stage where they are fully able to connect with their emotional difficulties. The time period we see each other is always up for discussion and it is important this is an ongoing topic of discussion in sessions. If you would like to finish therapy, I recommend holding a final session to think ending through and to think about how to maintain a self-reflective space after ending.

Online sessions are conducted over Zoom, Whereby or Vsee and you can find each company's privacy policy by clicking the individual links. It is important to note that I will do my best to maintain confidentiality and privacy online but it is impossible for me to do so absolutely because there is so much out of my control. If you have any concerns about this, please raise them with me and we can discuss. Please check all internet and telephony prior to sessions, it is your responsibility to ensure they are functioning. If there are technology issues during online sessions we will first attempt to use an alternative platform. If this does not work I will call you on your telephone. If there is a fault on my end of the telephone line, I would ask to rearrange the session at a later date when the fault will be cleared. If the fault is on the client's end of the line and we are unable to complete the session, I would ask the full fee for the session be paid.


All information in sessions is kept confidential between myself and my clients. I see online clients in a private office which is not overheard by anyone else; it is important that you find a space that is private and confidential if you are considering online therapy. I will only break confidentiality if I am required to by law, for instance if a client were to disclose that they were planning on causing harm to another person including the abuse of children, had been subject to abuse as a child where the abuser is still in contact with a child or children, or if they are planning on committing a serious offence or act of terrorism. If I needed to break confidentiality this would be only after I speak with my client first and, hopefully, with their cooperation.

Fees and time off

In person sessions are charged at £60 and online or telephone sessions are charged at £55. There is no charge when I am away and I aim to give my clients notice of my intention to take a time off at least one month in advance. I ask my clients to do the same. If we have discussed a client's time off, there is no charge, but if a client cancels a session within a week I would ask they pay the full fee. I am unable to reschedule sessions within 48 hours or after the session was due to be held and would expect payment for that session as usual. As discussed above, continuity and regularity is important in therapy and breaks can cause disruption to sessions and affects our ability to explore the content that my clients bring.

Social media

I do not Google any client that I work with, but I understand that some clients like to search for information about prospective therapists they wish to engage with. I maintain a business presence on social media and it is your choice whether to follow any of these accounts. I will not friend/follow/like any social media accounts of former and current clients, however, as this would be a breaking of the boundary that we set when we agree to begin a therapeutic relationship.

You can find more information about psychotherapy here.

You can find my privacy policy here.

If you have any questions about the above please raise them at any time.