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What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?

We all have struggles in our life and sometimes we may find it difficult to overcome these problems, even ones we had been coping with before. Psychotherapy and counselling is a chance for you to speak to a qualified  and trained professional about the problems you are facing and how they are affecting you. In this country, there is no practical difference between psychotherapy and counselling, which might also be called talking therapy or just therapy.


Psychotherapists and counsellors should be trained and registered with an accrediting body, you can see the Professional Standards Authority logo in the Contact section of my website below. Therapists should have gone through their own therapy which allows them to put their issues to the side and focus solely on their clients. Different therapists work in different ways but what is most important is your relationship with your therapist. I wrote a blog about finding a therapist you may want to read to get an idea about how to choose one.

It may seem odd to speak to a stranger about the difficulties in your life or you may think your friends can fill this role. Your friends may find it hard to listen to you speak to certain topics, however, especially particularly difficult ones. They may try to give advice where advice is not wanted or may just try to make you feel better or tell you to forget about it, both which might leave you feeling unheard. This is not to say that all friends are not good listeners, of course some are but I, as a therapist,  have gone through training which has taught me not only how people function, but also how to listen to and help my clients. I am removed from your regular life and unbiased and nonjudgmental,  giving you the freedom to speak about whatever is on your mind at the time. I am interested in you and what you think and will not blindly offer an opinion as a friend might. 


Sessions are a chance for you to speak your mind. They are guided by you. I aim to enquire more about topics my client brings but the client should always feel safe in what they speak about. Through this  exploration we can better understand  how you function and how the trials in your life affect you, helping you overcome them. You may find it helpful to read some more about me and my journey into therapy or view my privacy policy.

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